About Us

About Us – ELRuie Notebooks is an emerging online business that specializes in creating and designing customized notebooks and notepads. We express our client’s creative minds and social preferences through our crafts. We are dedicated to providing you an avenue where they can create a log of their daily dealings. Or just put on record what currently comes to mind and give life and meaning to their sensory experiences.

We are hopeful that it will continue to reach out to more and more creatives as what it has envisioned from the start. Not only that, we also want to give people the chance to express their warmth and gratitude in the most personal way possible. As in creating gifts for special celebrations.

about us

Who doesn’t get mesmerized by vibrant colors? Who isn’t fascinated when you see your own desired designs in your hands? “First impressions last”. Although some people tell us to quit looking at the superficial, we tease your eyes with our creative cover designs. Irresistible is what perfectly defines it! It’s about us.

Because of its appealing designs, more and more people want one for themselves or even one for their friends. ELRuie stands on the idea that when people want to give, they don’t really think of its cost but the thought of one person in mind upon looking at something is what truly matters. But our products are not only physically attractive, it also has good quality.

“If it’s you, it hits you” – a mantra which we uphold. When you see something that relates to you or that concerns you, it easily captures your attention. When you can relate to it, you are it – and you want more of it. We allow our clients to choose what they wish to see and what they want to say.