ELRuie: A revisit to humble beginnings

This is ELRuie: A revisit to the humble beginnings of an online business. Every great dream begins with a dreamer. First, a dreamer could be anybody from all walks of life. Then, a doer.

ELRuie paved the way for an innovative way of looking at notebooks as gifts. It started as an aspiration of a young lady. As a kid she always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. Then, this dream was realized few years after having earned a degree in BS in Entrepreneurship at the Bicol University.

Because she wanted to work from the comfort of her home, she did online jobs. Later on, she realized the time was right. She tried out the business she always wanted to open. She wanted to give people, especially Bicolanos, access to affordable, useful, stylish, and personalized notebooks and notepads. Then, to expand and cater to the growing and changing world.

ELRuie focus on all-handmade notebooks and notepads. They get a touch of personal choices on designs and colors that fit their personality. Or those they give them to as gifts. They may also opt to print their names on the cover or even on every page of their notebooks/notepads.

From March 2019, ELRuie has already catered to individuals who come from different backgrounds. From teachers and students to doctors and nurses, lawyers and police officers to professors, even the simplest of individuals use it.

Today, it continues to serve those whose choices are things that are close to their hearts.

With ELRuie, customers are assured that what they give or receive is something well-thought of and personalized. “A personal touch which provides satisfaction to all who own it”.

This is ELRuie: A revisit to humble beginnings.