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Contact us for personalized notebook and notepads – for yourself or for someone else, ELRuie is what you need. There are several ways you can reach us to inquire or place your orders.

Hotline Support

To know more about our products you may contact us @ Tel. no. 052-732-7981.

Browse on our Social Media Accounts

You can also visit our Facebook Page Profile. Photos of our designs are available at our FB page. In case you are not on Facebook, but you have a Twitter Account and Instagram Account, you may also check us out and leave us a message there.

E-Mail Support

You may also e-mail us at

If you find it more convenient and more personal, we are also fine for meet-ups and a face-to-face conversation. You just need to specify the place and time. So, next time you are looking for personalized notebooks and notepads, look no further because ELRuie is always at your service. Contact us for personalized notebook and notepads!

One of the advantages of personal and customized things is that nothing could be better than seeing something that reflects your personality. These things would always have that personal touch and sentimental value. You are also ensured that what they bring in suits what you truly and personally need at the moment. It is that one thing you most desire for the day.  Everybody feels happy whenever we see something so personal . The item becomes more special this way.