Customized invitations offer so many options, nowadays. From traditional paper invitations, to digital, it is hard to know which will be best for you. Though the format may have changed, invitations are still important. It is a way to contact your guests and make them feel the importance of their presence in the celebration.

Today, you don’t need it to be sent formally by mail. It can easily be delivered through social media and email. By that way, it will be easier to receive responses. But your choice should suit the event and reflect the formality of it.

An invitation, particularly for a social occasion, will often include this key information:

  • Name of the attendee
  • Name of hosts – personal as well as company or organization organizing the event
  • The event type – birthday, concert, fund raising, wedding, etc
  • Day, date and time of the event
  • Name of the location and the address. The zip code is not usually necessary in the US but postcodes are recommended in the UK.
  • Dress code
  • RSVP or response guidelines
  • Additional information: e.g. parking arrangements, children allowed, plus one, special requests/dietary, dining options, end times


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