Return Policy

We implement strict return policy/policies and guidelines on refund or cancellation because the orders you make are yours and yours only, no other customers suit them- it’s custom-made after all. These are the guidelines we strictly implement on refund and cancellation of orders.

ELRuie Notebooks specializes in giving you personalized items. We highly recommend that you make up your mind 100% before placing any orders because we implement strict return policy.


First, it shall be clear that it is considered sold once designs have been agreed upon and production has started. 100% refund of down payment money is only possible one day after the placement of orders, provided production has not yet started. Only 50% of down payment may be refunded to customers if cancellation is made after more than one day, provided production has not yet started. Once production has started there shall be no refunds.


No cancellation of orders shall be made in case you have already made an agreement with us and we have started doing the designs and the production. There shall also be no return of down payment money in case the production has already started upon cancellation.


Our products are especially made for you and we let you decide on what you want. So, if production has started and you wish to cancel the deal, imagine who would be accepting the orders we made just for you.

In case of damaged items, customer shall check the items upon delivery and upon turn over by our personnel. Immediately report to customer service or leave a message on our Facebook Page.