Shipping Info

For Shipping Info after you have place your order and informed our Customer Service Representative of the details of your purchase. (Desired cover design, color, number of orders, etc) Next is, you must agree on the date and place of meet up. If you want it to be shipped, kindly provide the details.

For payment:

You can choose from different Mode of Payment. You can pay thru GCash, Paymaya, Bank Account Deposit or Cash on Delivery. For bulk orders, a 50% down payment is required. Our Customer Service Representative will give you the details or fill up our Shipping Info.

Feel free to provide reviews and feedback.


“Grab your own customized item with your desired cover design. It can be for your personal use or for gifts and souvenirs.”
ELRuie Notebooks

One of the advantages of personal and custom things is that nothing could be better than seeing something that reflects your personality. Because those things would always have a personal touch and sentimental value. You are also assured that they will bring suits to what you really and personally need at the moment. That’s the one thing you like the most for the day. The item becomes more special this way.